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Matt Ralphs


Welcome! I write fiction and non-fiction for children and adults.

Go ahead and click around this sleek website and admire that stylish picture of me up there. They represent my professional public face.

The real me is: disorganised, usually brewing tea, and always obsessed with choosing the exact right word. I live on a boat called Nostromo on the Grand Union Canal.

I also have a new book coming out, illustrated by the incredibly talented Nuria Tamarit!

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Just say the magic words…

Fall under the spell of witches in this enchanting illustrated guide to the history of witchcraft. From animal familiars to magic wands, discover the lives and lore of magical beings from the mists of time to the 21st century.

From ancient times, witches have always been seen as both powerful and mysterious. But were witches evil or kind? Could they really cast a spell on you? And did they all wear pointy hats? Find out the truth about witches from around the globe in this bewitching book filled with myths, legends and magic.

Published by Flying Eye / Releasing in the UK and US August 2020

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Forging Links

You can leave a message here if you’d like. You could even ask just what it is that I’m looking askance at in that picture down there.

My brilliant agent is Alice Williams at the Alice Williams Literary Agency. You can contact her here:

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