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Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Veronika Kotyk
Published by Phaidon


Welcome to the spookiest and most fun book of celebrations from around the world!

You’ve heard of Halloween, and maybe Día de Muertos, or Obon too, but did you know there are spooky festivals all over the world? Across every continent there are festivals that celebrate and honor spirits. Children will delight in the stories behind these 21 amazing celebrations.

With text that captures the joy in many of these festivals and the respectful nature of others, and stunning artwork with fun details to spot, children will learn all about the interesting ways these festivals are celebrated today.

Beasts From the Deep CVR_RGB.jpg

Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Kaley McKean
Published by Nosy Crow

Dive down if you dare and discover the world’s strangest, scariest and most magnificent sea creatures in this breathtaking gift book from the University of Cambridge and Nosy Crow!

Discover a magnificent menagerie of monsters that lurk deep down in our oceans – from sharks that can live for 500 years, to fish with teeth so long they can’t close their mouths.

Find out about anglerfish, giant squid, goblin sharks, coffinfish, barreleyes and many, many more amazing creatures in this stunningly illustrated gift book that will delight, surprise and inspire on every page.


Beasts and Octopus.jpg
Beasts from the deep banner 1.png
Aviation Cover cropped.jpg

Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Dieter Braun
Published by Big Picture Press

A stunningly illustrated tribute to all things aeroplane, Aviation celebrates the ingenuity of aeroplanes, biplanes, monoplanes and helicopters past, present and future.

From the first hot air balloon flight by the Montgolfier brothers, through to the the legendary Wright Flyer and the revolutionary Concorde, this beautifully illustrated book by the award-winning artist Dieter Braun ( is the perfect gift for lovers of all things airborne.

Aviation Blackbird spread.jpg
Aviation Spitfire Spread.jpg
Aviation Golden Age spread.jpg
Aviation bi-plane spread.jpg
80 Invention Cover.jpg

Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Robbie Cathro
Published by Templar Books

Take off on an epic journey to discover 80 inventions that changed the world! 

Uncover the fascinating, real stories behind 80 incredible inventions that have expanded humankind’s knowledge and shaped our lives today. From the wheel to the space rocket and the bow and arrow to renewable energy, this book shows how technology has evolved over time.


Journeying through ancient civilisations to the modern day, this invention compendium is packed with astonishing facts, and will captivate STEM-mad readers for hours.

With bright illustrations by Robbie Cathro ( and 80 incredible entries, this invention compendium is sure to captivate STEM-mad readers 8 years and up for hours.

80 Inventions Spread 02.jpg
80 Inventions Spread 03.jpg
80 Inventions Spread 01.jpg
80 Inventions Spread 04.jpg
Automotive Cover.jpg

Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Ryo Takemasa
Published by Big Picture Press

Embark on a visual journey through the roaring history of automobiles.

From the nostalgic Golden Age to the record breakers of the future, you’ll learn about the development of automobiles, the brilliant engineers who brought them to life and how the roads and motorways shaped our world in this beautifully illustrated book.

Featuring some of the most iconic and impressive cars and races from across the globe, Automotive is the trip of a lifetime for car enthusiasts everywhere. Beautiful artwork by the award-winning artist Ryo Takemasa (, makes this book one that can be enjoyed over and over again.

A wonderfully informative book. Perfect for any car enthusiast!

The Bookseller Review

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Automotive Spread 04.jpg
Automotive Spread 01.jpg
Automotive Spread 05.jpg
Transported Cover.jpg

Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Rui Ricardo
Published by Nosy Crow

A fascinating book about the vehicles that have shaped our world, with stunning colour illustrations on every page by Rui Ricardo.

From ancient chariots and Viking longships to racing cars, rockets and solar-powered aeroplanes, our world has been changed by the pioneering development of many incredible vehicles.


Take a journey through time to discover how these 50 groundbreaking inventions changed the world and how they might even shape our future . . .

Transported Spread 05.jpg
Transported Spread 01.jpg
Transported Spread 04.jpg
Transported Spread 03.jpg
Norse Cover.jpg

Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Katie Ponder
Published by DK Books

A beautiful collection of illustrated Norse myths and legends retold for a new generation.

Action-packed tales of extraordinary creatures and compelling gods, goddesses, and heroes come to life in this compendium of Norse myths. Explore the ancient stories told by the Vikings in this exciting new retelling - it's the perfect introduction for kids aged 7-9 who have an interest in mythology.

With stylised illustrations by award-winning artist Katie Ponder on every page Norse Myths is a perfect gift book for kids interested in art, myths, or history.

Norse spread 04.jpg
Norse spread 01.jpg
Norse spread 02.jpg
Norse spread 03.jpg
Secrets Cover.jpg

Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Gordy Wright
Published by Nosy Crow
Partnered with The British Museum

Travel back in time to discover secrets of mummies and other human remains from around the world in this fascinating book, publishing 100 years after the discovery of King Tutankhamun's tomb.

From ancient Egyptian mummies and European bog bodies to the plaster citizens of Pompeii, painted people of the Steppe and Japanese self-mummifying monks, this book reveals what scientists and experts have uncovered about our ancestors' lives from the bodies they left behind. 

Written in consultation with experts from the British Museum, and with beautiful artwork by Gordy Wright (, this is a book that will delight and inspire anyone interested in history, archaeology and anthropology.

Secrets Spread 02.jpg
Secrets Spread 03.jpg
Secrets Spread 01.jpg
Secrets Cover and Bits.jfif

Written by Matt Ralphs
Illustrated by Nuria Tamarit
Published by Flying Eye Books

Fall under the spell of witches throughout the ages in this magical illustrated guide.

Magic and witchcraft have fascinated people for thousands of years. From their black cats to their flying broomsticks, they are both powerful and mysterious. But were witches evil or kind? And could they really cast a spell on you? From Ancient Mesopotamian priests to modern day Wiccans, find out the truth about witches throughout history and across the globe, in this spellbinding book filled with myths, legends and magic. 

Beautifully illustrated by Nuria Tamarit (

'This guide will satisfy younger readers looking for a mix of history and magic' Publisher's Weekly

'A magical journey through the history of Witches.' The Literacy Shed

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